Chat Smarter. Connect Faster

Transform Your Business. Switch to High-Converting Digital Channels and Let Our AI Chatbot Keep the Conversation Going 24/7

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Customers Using Swosh


Easily engage customers on the medium of their choice and see all conversations in one place to get a full picture of your interactions


Increase productivity with tools that help you respond to faster and better


Manage conversations and customer experience from the same inbox that powers your Reviews and Referrals.
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Swosh Business Messaging

Message customers on digital channels

Goodbye phone calls. Hello conversations. Run your business on high-converting digital channels and use our AI Chatbot to respond to customers even when you’re away.

Swosh Review Prompts

Increase reviews through automated Ai review prompts

Target keywords and increase engagement by providing targeted review prompts for guests and clients.

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Swosh Messaging Management

Auto-message to customer reviews

Make sure no review goes unanswered. Reply to reviews at scale with auto-message rules and personalised templates.

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Swosh Mobile App

Connect on-the-go

Convenient for you. Timely for your customers. Our mobile app keeps you updated in real time — helping you engage and respond in just a few taps.

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Swosh Reputation Management

Book In A Time To See Swosh In Action

We're super passionate about Swosh and eager to share it with you. Feel free to pick a time that suits you best, and we'll take you on a tour of Swosh to see how it can fit into your business.