More reviews. Less effort.

Grow your reviews. Rank higher on Google Maps. Increase your revenue - all from one platform.

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Customers Using Swosh


Easily engage customers on the medium of their choice and see all conversations in one place to get a full picture of your interactions


Increase productivity with tools that help you respond to faster and better


Manage conversations and customer experience from the same inbox that powers your Reviews and Referrals.
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Swosh Review Requests

Increase reviews through automated requests - through any channel.

Minimise effort. Maximise reviews. Request reviews via text, whatsapp, email, instagram, & facebook. Directly through Swosh. 

Swosh Review Management

Improve ranking by automatically responding to reviews with Ai

Rank higher and win more customers with AI-powered reviews software for local businesses.

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Swosh Review Quarantine

Isolate and Manage Feedback

Build databases of clients, quarantine feedback, maintain and build your reputation.

Swosh Review Prompts

Increase reviews through automated Ai review prompts

Target keywords and increase engagement by providing targeted review prompts for guests and clients.

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Swosh AI-Assisted Responses

Write the perfect review reply with AI

Write personalised review replies at scale with help from AI. Ask SwoshAI to generate tailored responses from scratch or rephrase your replies to ensure they're on-brand, empathetic, and consistent. Fix grammar and change tone and length with ease.

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Swosh Review Management

Auto-reply to customer reviews

Make sure no review goes unanswered. Reply to reviews at scale with auto-response rules and personalised templates.

Swosh Review Translation

Translate reviews and responses with AI

You don’t need a translator to serve multilingual customers. Swosh Reviews will automatically translate reviews and respond with the perfect response

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Swosh Review Widgets

Share reviews on your website

Keep five-star feedback front and center. Showcase new reviews on your website and turn first-time visitors into repeat customers.

Swosh Reputation Management

Book In A Time To See Swosh In Action

We're super passionate about Swosh and eager to share it with you. Feel free to pick a time that suits you best, and we'll take you on a tour of Swosh to see how it can fit into your business.